Catherine Kerrigan

Catherine Kerrigan is the proud and energetic mother of six children who are rapidly and successfully transiting through teenage years into adulthood and she recently became a grandmother! Catherine, originally from Dublin, Ireland, was trained and certified in the field of early childhood education through the proven philosophical methods of Maria Montessori.

“I like to call myself an accidental sleep consultant. After working for years in child development and early childhood education, I decided I needed a career change. I trained as a postpartum doula while supporting families with newborns and I found they had so many questions—mostly about sleep! I was able to answer a lot of their questions because of my child development background, but I soon realised in order to help them more I needed to learn about the science of sleep and connect it to my child development. Today helping families on the road to better sleep.”


  • Early Childhood Educator & Montessori Teacher

  • Child Development Specialist

  • Postpartum Doula & Advanced Training Certificate for Multiples

  • Sleep Consultant

  • Certified Lactation Educator

  • Certified HUG Your Baby Teacher

  • All vaccines current

  • CPR Certified

  • Newborn Care Specialist

  • Infant Mental Health Certificate

  • Sensitive Sleep Consultant

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