Expectant/Newborn Parent Coach:
San Francisco, Bay Area Package

I have created this package to meet the needs of bay area families who would like an in home consultation as well as an in home follow up.

Packages are available for:
6 weeks   |   12 weeks   |   16 weeks

This package includes the following: 

  • 1 Hour weekly home visit.

  • Nursing/bottle feeding: pumping, breast milk storage and or how to make, store formula.

  • Newborn sleep hygiene, establishing good habits, the right environment and a routine.

  • Coaching on soothing methods and techniques.

  • and more...

New Beginnings

Cost: Please contact for pricing.
Lets nip those sleep issues before they begin by helping you establish good sleep habits from day one. This package includes some helpful tips to help you establish good sleep habits right from the start. This will be the stepping stone to better sleep patterns for the future.

  • One (1) 60 minute in home consultation Prenatal or Postpartum visit.

  • Two (2) 30 minute phone calls to use anytime after 4 weeks postpartum.

  • Three (3) emails to be used throughout your first three (3) months.

    Some of the topics covered:

  • Setting up the nursery and the rest of the home for baby.

  • Setting up the environment for successful sleep for both baby and parents.

  • Safe practices for sleep.

  • Swaddling techniques for sleep and an over stimulated baby.

  • How to read your baby's cues: what's your baby telling you when they cry or fuss?

  • Baby calming, soothing techniques.

  • Developmental milestones: what's happening now and what's next ? Why is my baby doing this and how can I facilitate my baby's development.

  • Dealing with a fussy baby: what's the witching hour and what's the difference between colic and the witching hour.

  • Nursing / bottle feeding ; pumping ,breast milk storage, how to make and store formula.

  • Day night sleep confusion and how to adjust baby to life outside the uterus.

  • Circadian rhythm.

  • Setting up a routine and understanding how and why to be flexible with a newborn's routine.

  • Electrosmog

  • And much more...

*if you are using this plan for the first after the birth of your baby I will apply the prenatal consultation to your postpartum consultation future.

This plan is great for expectant parents and new parents, having a new baby can be daunting for new parents especially if they have never been around new babies or small children. This plan helps parent navigate through all the information out there from how to set up a safe nursery SIDS swaddling nursing day night confusion etc.

Witching Hour Support

Cost: Please contact for pricing.  

What makes this package special? You can contact me on the day of service needed.

  • Times to be agreed upon.

  • This package is for San francisco bay area families.

I will come to your home during your baby’s fussy time of the evening and support you any way you need me to from soothing baby to helping baby to sleep. Or simply taking care of baby’s needs while you get some sleep or a chance to shower and/or eat dinner. I will also leave you with some tips on how to establish good sleep habits for baby.

If you find this support is needed for more than one evening/night you can add an extra one or two evenings/nights at $65 an hour.

Catherine’s Witching Hour support was amazing. We were struggling with the adjustment to a family of four with a rambunctious toddler and colicky baby and I hired her because we needed help and an extra pair of hands. We got a lot more! Catherine jumped right in after a quick tour and held the baby while offering helpful and easy tips that should have been obvious to us as second-time parents (our room wasn’t dark enough, she should still be swaddled, etc). My husband, toddler and I got to have an entire dinner together in peace (without one of us having to bounce the baby constantly) which was such a gift. I also got to put my toddler to bed and watch an entire tv show with my husband! The best part was what we learned from Catherine- like how to make my toddler actually be quiet, and that my daughter does not need to be nursed a million times to sleep. She also helped confirm my suspicion that the baby had reflux not colic and after a prescription for Zantac we are all doing so much better! Definitely, recommend and wish I’d called her sooner!
— Sarah Smith, San Francisco, CA

Coaching /support:

Cost: Please contact for pricing.
Some parents feel they need some extra support while implementing sleep changes and I can come to your home and offer you the support you need.

Coaching support is available to help you through the night it's hard to be consistent when baby is not sleeping and you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed i will be there to support and guide you every step of the way i will be involved as much as you need me to be  Coaching support can also be used if you have your own plan and just need some support in implementing it.