Slumbering sentiments

Catherine was amazing. Her knowledge, kindness, reliability and love for our child knew no bounds. Without her we would have been lost. We are truly lucky to have had the privilege of working with her and I have no doubt that my daughter will be a better person because of Catherine.
— Jake, Dad, San Francisco, CA
Catherine was such an incredible asset to our family. She showed up early every day and took such amazing care of our daughter. Our child is now an amazing sleeper thanks to Catherine. Best money we ever spent!
— Emily, Mom, San Francisco, CA

I contacted Catherine when I couldn’t handle the 4-6 wake up times of my 8 month old. I was feeling exhausted and was ready to pay whatever money to have someone come and help me get my baby boy to sleep better. When I contacted Catherine, she asked about our routine and told me I did not need anyone to come here. A phone/email consultation would be enough to help me. All we needed was to fix our bedtime routines and change some things about how I would put my baby back to sleep during his night time wakings. I was ok with a little crying but not comfortable with letting my baby cry for a long time. Catherine’s method worked great for us and I am extremely thankful for her help on helping this mamma get some rest!
— Silvia, Napa, CA

Catherine was such a wonderful, calm, and knowledgeable addition to our family for the months after our first son was born. In addition to easily and quickly calming a very fussy baby, she guided us through a painless transition to a flexible and realistic daily routine that resulted in regular sleep habits early on. Our son giggles himself to sleep on his own in his crib—a testament to her gentle but effective means of establishing healthy sleep routines even in a fussy kid. We can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Kai in San Francisco

Our arrangement with Catherine was for once weekly care for our son, mostly so we could get a good night of sleep. I remember how wonderful that first night she came was: we had gone without any help for two weeks, she arrived and we were exhausted. She needed very little direction from us on our setup, was very comfortable and flexible with our requests, yet gently made some excellent suggestions so that Jack (and the rest of us) would sleep better on nights when she was not with us. We slept so well that first night and were so grateful for sleep!

Catherine would also check in during the week to see how we were doing. She was always willing to lend an ear and offer some helpful, supportive suggestions. She was also a wealth of knowledge on the stages beyond newborn and SF resources for infants and children. I highly recommend Catherine for night doula services.
— Annie P., San Francisco, CA on Night Doula Services

Catherine was so wonderful with our twins! We worked with her for two months and she was always so caring and professional. With Catherine, we knew our babies were in good hands and practicing healthy sleep habits. Catherine’s infant sleep expertise is a huge plus! She is full of tips, tricks, and reassurance for first time parents.
— Maria and Drew

Catherine spent 8 weeks with us as a night doula following the birth of our son. It was so nice to have someone with Catherine’s experience to lean on during the night. She answered all my new mom questions and helped get my little one on a good sleep schedule. I feel like she’s become part of our family in such a short period of time. I can’t recommend Catherine and her services enough, she’s a great educator and a miracle worker with babies.
— Jamie

My son was a student in Catherine’s Young 5 class at Playmates Preschool, and we were grateful for her work with him. She taught him how to communicate with his peers and to work within the structure of a kindergarten classroom and she was always sensitive to his feelings and his individual personality. He learned a great deal as a result of her kind and pragmatic approach, and took those skills to kindergarten.
— Eva R., San Francisco, CA

Catherine worked with us 3 nights a week for 8 weeks caring for our newborn twin boys. She took excellent care of our boys. The boys loved the sound of her voice and as unbelievable as this might sound, we didn’t hear the boys cry while Catherine was with them. Catherine is very organized. The mornings after Catherine was at our house it felt like everything was in order because she folded their clothes, cleaned bottles, emptied the diaper pail, and even emptied the dishwasher. She also helped organize tracking feedings and diapers by setting up a journal.
— Christina J., San Francisco on Night Doula Services

Update from Christina: “When our twin boys went through a sleep regression, I was so exhausted I didn't know what to do. Catherine walked me through the steps to get our boys back on track and followed up with a summary I could refer to later.”

I know Catherine as the wise, unflappable, charismatic pre-school teacher that my son just loved. What is special about Catherine is that, not only does she get kids, but she gets parents as well—she advised me on so many things, like sleep, discipline, encouraging healthy character development…indeed, Catherine’s years of experience working with children and families, joined with her training and her own experience as a mother of her own brood of children, gives her a wealth of knowledge to share and an “it’s no big deal” attitude that is approachable, helpful and reassuring. I recommend her unreservedly as a Sleep Specialist—she really knows her stuff!
— Ronit D., San Francisco, CA